Tovolo Silicone Pastry Mat

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Whether you fancy yourself as a bit of a Masterchef or love baking the occasional treat for you and your family, the Tovolo Silicone Baking Mat is the perfect companion for any cook. A non-stick heat-proof mat that you can simply lay out onto your table or worktop, it has lots of uses for baking at home.

When it comes to rolling out your pastry or pizza bases, make accurate shapes with the sizing guides on the mat, and easily transfer to your pan when you’re ready.

No need to worry about melting the mat when you get hot things out of the oven. This heat-proof mat insulates pans and can withstand temperatures of up to 315 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for cramped kitchen with valuable worktop space. When it comes to cleaning up, it’s BPA free and dishwasher safe so just pop it in with the rest of the dishes!

•63.5 cm x 45.5 cm
•Non-stick, anti-grease surface
•Includes sizing information, temperatures, conversions, weights, volumes and cooking times

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